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Sara Brostrom

Sara Brostrom

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sara Brostrom is a Medical Student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Medicine. She is currently doing rotations as a fourth year medical student—upcoming rotations will be in Dermatology and Internal Medicine. Upon completion of her M.D., she plans to join a residency program with a focus in one of these specialties.

Sara earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, with a major in Biochemistry. During her undergraduate years, she served as a teaching assistant for the Anatomy lab, as well as for Biochemistry lectures and lab. In addition to her teaching, Sara participated in research focusing on the transmission patterns of E. coli bacteria in cattle. Upon completion of her undergraduate education, she began medical school at UNMC. As a medical student, Sara has studied the proliferation factors involved in the growth of kidney cells. In addition, she has acquired extensive knowledge of viruses from her Disease Processes course during her second year of medical school.

Sara will be applying for residency programs. She plans to complete a residency in Dermatology or Internal Medicine. Ultimately, she would like to use her training to practice medicine in an academic institution.