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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Matt Smith is an employee in the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health, Center for Biopreparedness Education (CBE). He works closely with Sharon Medcalf and Keith Hansen, the CBE’s Associate Director and Pandemic Influenza Project Coordinator, respectively. He contributes to many projects related to biopreparedness and infectious diseases.

Matt received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. His major was in Environmental Studies – a multidisciplinary program spanning a wide range of both sciences and humanities. During his undergraduate years, Matt’s primary area of study was in Geography, though he also minored in both Math and Philosophy.

An employee at the CBE, Matt’s research focuses on developing projects aimed toward advancing biohazard preparedness and prevention. Matt was initially hired to help introduce Geographic Information Systems to his department, though his range of work quickly expanded, and he has helped coordinate projects relating to preparedness in long term care facilities as well as business response to Swine flu.