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Gary Hochman

Gary Hochman

Senior Producer
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET)

Gary Hochman is a senior producer at NET Television, specializing in science programs. His productions are primarily for PBS and NOVA, as well as educational science media for the University of Nebraska State Museum.

He’s currently producing his most challenging science documentary, NOVA: Antarctica’s Climate Secrets. This program, shot on-location in Antarctica, examines UNL’s ANDRILL drilling project. The program follows researchers from the U.S., New Zealand, Germany, and Italy as they explore, drill and prospect to detect evidence of how Antarctica’s history of climate conditions are critical to forecasting Earth’s global climate future.

For NOVA scienceNOW, Gary produced Mammoth Mystery, an investigation about why two male mammoths died locked together by their tusks. Complete remains of the mammoths were discovered near Crawford, NE, and they are now the featured exhibit at the Trailside Museum.

During the past decade, Gary has collaborated with the University of Nebraska State Museum on a series of educational projects for youth. He created the national award- winning videos for Wonderwise, a series of video profiles of women scientists for 4th-6th grade students. Wonderwise is in use nationwide by 4-H.

“When I'm recording the scientific process, I am forever the student. The material is always new to me, and I have to ask myself, ‘Do I get this concept? Is this the most visual way I can capture this idea so that it will be clear, concise, personal, and understood by the viewer?’ If not, I need to get smarter in a hurry. I'm constantly trying to get smarter. I don't always succeed...but I keep trying.”