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Sora Newman

Sora Newman

Radio Trainer
National Public Radio

In the pre-digital era, Sora Newman lugged a Sony portapack and reels of videotape across Japan. During her graduate program in cinema/TV production, she produced graphic slide shows by gluing photos on black cardboard. While teaching Documentary Video Production at Antioch College, she wandered into WYSO Radio and started volunteering. Several years later she got a paying job (sort of) at WOSU Radio. In 1982, she came to NPR as an assistant producer.

Today Sora is a Radio Trainer for National Public Radio. She works with radio journalists at NPR as well as reporters throughout the NPR system. She teaches seminars in writing for radio, on-air delivery, and editing. She also runs a mentoring program within the newsroom, and oversees technical and production trainers. As an editor, she has won a DuPont –Columbia Award and a Peabody Award.