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Moira Rankin

Moira Rankin

Executive Producer
Soundprint Media Center, Inc.

Moira Rankin started life in radio as a DJ for a women’s rock n’ roll show. Today, she is the executive producer of the Soundprint radio documentary series, and the president of the Soundprint Media Center, Inc. SMCI is a public broadcasting multimedia production facility in Laurel, Maryland. The longest running documentary series on public radio, Soundprint has received much critical acclaim. Its broadcast awards include two awards from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Peabody, multiple Gold awards from the Association for Women in Radio and Television (the Gracie), the Major Armstrong, the Prix Italia and several Gold Awards from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Moira has worked with and trained journalists and radio drama producers overseas, particularly in Africa, on coverage of HIV in their communities. Here in the United States, she has organized conferences and symposiums where radio journalists can learn from each other, resulting in new insights into reaching their audiences with effective radio programming. Previously, Rankin worked as a health reporter for WJHU-FM, in editorial capacities at National Public Radio, on Weekend All Things Considered, and on the national desk for Pacifica Radio. She still likes rock n’ roll.