Our Experiences

Meet the Participants

Julie Cusack

School: Buffett Magnet Middle School
Subject: Journalism

I grew up on the Southside of Chicago and moved to Colorado in high school. I went to undergrad outside of Kansas City and am beginning my Masters at UNO. I love to go out for sushi, sing karaoke, and play Pub Quiz.

What are your reflections about using media in education?

Media is an excellent way to engage hands-on students. I love giving kids project choices that include technology, because it allows students to show what they learned in a way that is more relevant to them.

What is one thing about the Omaha Science Media Project that you'd share with other teachers?

I really enjoyed working over the summer with my group and learning about something I was not very well-informed about. I learned some basic editing tools in FinalCut Express, which I've always wanted to do. It was enjoyable and worthwhile.