Our Experiences

Meet the Participants

LeeAnn Stover

School: Burke High School
Subject: Chemistry, Anatomy and physiology

I have been teaching for 5 years. I worked for many years in the medical research field, then in sales and marketing, then finally decided to follow my heart and finish my teaching certification. I completely enjoy being in the classroom and helping to enrich the lives of students.

What are your reflections about using media in education?

Media is a vital part of bringing the world alive for students. The richer the media, the richer the experience. So many opportunities are not personally available for the student's to experience, so bringing content to them through multiple forms of media is very important.

What is one thing about the Omaha Science Media Project that you'd share with other teachers?

The opportunity to work with a variety of professions and age levels. We were all learners of something. Everyone was both patient and excited to share their world with the others.