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Nebraska to Zambia: HIV/AIDS in Africa

Photographs of Zambia

Advertising faculty member Bruce Mitchell and Graduate Assistant Nkem Kalu represented the College of Journalism and Mass Communications on their visit to Zambia. Their photographs, featured here, give us but a small glimpse of Zambian life and culture.

Zambia is but a small slice of what you see in these pictures. Look at the children's faces in these pictures. I would like to think that you could see the hope and happiness that we found in the Zambian people represented here."
—Bruce Mitchell

I took pictures of the Zambia that I wanted to show the world; the Zambia that doesn't make the evening news in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Zambia that's in many ways similar to Nebraska and just as yet very different...there was so much to see, so much to capture. I felt at home enveloped by the peace and camaraderie exuded by Zambians."
—Nkem Kalu