Research & Evaluation

What We Learned: Evaluation

The purpose of the program evaluation is to guide planning and management decisions, assist in record keeping, and assess the overall effectiveness and impacts of the project. Overall evaluation results indicate the 2009 OSMP Workshop was a powerful and useful means of learning for the teachers involved. OSMP participating teachers are making pedagogical and curriculum changes in their classrooms using their new media and journalism skills through better integration of the story-telling process in science lessons and increased involvement of students through use of media. Teachers are also making changes beyond the classroom, including presentations at a national meeting and enhanced partnerships with other teachers in their own schools and across the district.  Recommendations for future workshops include maintaining the overall format and design of working in teams with media products as a goal, providing participants with more preparation for working in teams, including students in a more limited role, and increasing emphasis on teachers gaining pedagogical and technical skills, perhaps using less complex equipment. Additional evaluation is being planned for the 2010 OSMP Workshop. 

OSMP Evaluation Plan


Reports, Publications, Presentations

World of Viruses Front-end Teen Survey Report: (Apr, 2009) Report

2009 Workshop Follow-up Report: Teachers' Plans and Activities Using New Science Media Skills (Nov, 2009) Report

OSMP 2009 Workshop Evaluation Summary Report (April, 2010) Executive Summary Coming Soon

Final OSMP Evaluation Report (includes all previous evaluation reports) (Sept, 2010) Report Coming Soon in Sept 2010